Payment is due in advance for all one-off appointments and packages.

In the course of bookkeeping, it may be discovered that a student received instruction time without payment. In this circumstance, the student may be charged retroactively.


Students may be assigned a different coach at any time to fulfill purchased instruction time.


"Public Group Lessons" are on private reserved courts where court time is guaranteed weather-permitting. For "Private Instruction": Private tennis coaches do not have permission to coach students on public tennis courts anywhere in the Lower Mainland as per City park rules. Your purchase guarantees meeting a tennis coach at a specified location, but not the court time. Coaches are instructed to be considerate of members of the public playing for leisure.


Although we do our best to keep your preferred time for lessons, if outside factors influence our ability to render instruction services at certain times, we may request to change your lesson time. In some circumstances, this means skipping a lesson if a short notice change is not possible.


Although we do our best to keep the preferred location for your instruction, it is subject to change to another location (within the same city) if the location affects our ability to render instruction services.


One (1) "freebie" late cancellation allowed per student per year at no charge. After this freebie is used, 100% of the lesson fee is charged in case of cancellation by the student less than 48 hours prior to the lesson start time.

In line with the policy that one (1) freebie late cancellation is allotted to every student per season, the same is agreed to be granted by the student to the coach. One (1) cancellation due to illness, extenuating circumstances, or otherwise by the coach will not be considered a valid reason for a refund request.


In the case of cancellation due to rainy weather prior to the lesson starting, the lesson is rescheduled.

In the case of rainy weather during the lesson, only time spent recieving instruction services is charged.


Please notify your assigned coach or admin@precisiontennis.ca or (236) 515-6520 more than 48 hours in advance for rescheduling or cancellation.


One-off appointments and advance packages are non-refundable. One-off lessons and advance packages do not expire until September the 1st of the following year from the date of purchase.

Lessons cancelled due to weather conditions are rescheduled but not refunded.

Advance pacakges are non-refundable (except for extraordinary circumstances prior to start of the 3rd lesson at admin discretion), but are transferable to any other person.

It is the responsibility of the student to make sure there are times available in the schedule for each of their lessons in a package and to book them in ahead of season's end.

At admin discretion, when a refund is granted, a 7.5% fee is charged.


There are suggestions with what times to avoid scheduling lessons at different times of the year due to the PUBLIC COURT RULES stated above. Please contact us for more details.


The student will be asked to sign an Amateur Athletics Liability Waiver and agrees to do so by signing up for lessons.


Package credits expire on September the 1st of the following year (e.g. if a package or lesson is purchased anytime in 2021, it is no longer valid on September 1, 2022 at 12:01 AM).

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