About the Founder

Nick Tchernikov

Nikita (Nick) Tchernikov, the founder of Precision Tennis, was born in 1991 in Novosibirsk, Russia. He immigrated to Vancouver, Canada with his family at the age of seven. Nick started playing tennis seriously when he was around nine years old and received coaching from renowned local high-performance coach Vadim Korkh, as well as from his father, Vladimir Tchernikov. The focus of his development was highly tactical and psychological.

Nick started playing competitive tennis at the age of ten in British Columbia and quickly became one of the top players in the province. He achieved a #1 ranking in BC and began traveling around Canada and the world to compete internationally. Some of his notable achievements include placing 4th in the 2006 U14 Outdoor Nationals, winning the 2007 U16 Indoor Nationals, and placing 4th in the 2009 U18 Outdoor Nationals. He also represented Canada in the #1 position in the U16 Junior Davis Cup, coached by Sébastien Lareau.

After his successful junior career, Nick was accepted into the University of Washington Huskies, a top-20 NCAA Division 1 Men's Tennis team. He later moved back to Vancouver and played in the #1 position for the SFU Men's Tennis team. It was during this time that he started the business Precision Tennis.

Nick Tchernikov

In the beginning, Precision Tennis was just Nick coaching, but over time the brand grew and the demand became overwhelming. After three years or so, Nick started recruiting coaches to help fill the demand. Eventually, he made it simple for people to book tennis lessons online with private coaches, leveraging his tech proficiency, and people found this extremely useful.

Nick believes in a highly tactical approach to tennis and that an understanding of sports psychology is vitally important to success. However, he also realizes that people derive joy simply from challenging themselves and learning something new. Today, Nick passes on the knowledge he has gained through the years about tennis to his team of coaches and enjoys coming out to supervise lessons.

Nick hopes to see you on the courts!